Posted by: seoulgraphics | October 31, 2010

About Dr Jeeyeon Kim & Seoul Graphics

Dr. Jeeyeon Kim (BA, MA, PhD)

Dr. Kim is the head of Seoul Graphics and initiates and leads on the publishing deal as well as project management.  She also works as a leading translator for each project.

Having completed her Masters degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, she studied a PhD in Sociology at Sheffield University. At present, as an international literary agent, she closely works with graphic novel authors and publishers.

Over the past few years, as a project manager, she has led a wide range of initiatives. She has successfully obtained contracts including translation and business agreements with many Manwha authors in Korea. One of her recent projects is Red Bicycle by Donghwa Kim.


Miss JeeEun Jeon (BA) JeeEun graduated in Korea with double honours degree in Korean Literature and Business Management. She has also been qualified in IT with a range of prestigious national certificates. JeeEun is closely involved in taking part in the project management, designs and implementing the project and translating English to Korean.





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