Posted by: seoulgraphics | October 31, 2010

Hong’s Mythology & The Red Bicycle

Terry Hooper of Comic Bits Online takes an independent look at two of Seoul Graphics publishing properties.



Seoul Graphics is a company aiming to get Korean Manhwa graphic novels onto the English speaking market,starting with the UK.  Hopefully this will be achieve through a UK publisher -any out there please get in touch.

The company is fronted by Dr.  Jeeyeon Kim (BA, MA, PhD),Managing Director of Seoul Graphics and Korean / English Translator.

The official site is currently under construction but bookmark it for future reference:


One of the main projects is Hong’s Classical Mythology and is full of vibrant art,which you’d expect from Korean Manhwa artists.  You can find info at:

But Face Book account holders can see pages at:



The other book is The Red Bicycle and I like this.  The dialogue concerning the colour of hanging socks is almost metaphysical [can the kid really see his father through that hole??].

If you are on Face Book you can view pages of The Red Bicycle at:

I am really hoping that a UK publisher can strike a deal with Seoul Graphics because they have a great deal to offer,and from a country whose Manhwa is virtually unknown to most comic readers [though I’ve tried my best on CBO!].

Keep watching this space!


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