Posted by: seoulgraphics | March 2, 2011

Do You Have Any Questions About Korean Manhwa?

Dr. Jeeyeon Kim

If you have any questions then we’re sure that Seoul Graphics’ Dr. Jeeyeon Kim can probably help!

Use the comments link to ask your question!




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  2. I will be moving to South Korea for a TEFL job this year in August, and would like to get started in Manhwa. I am a published illustrator in the United States but have found the comics industry there too depressing. There is very little vitality, love of the art form, or interest in new creators.
    I find the Manhwa industry exciting. I want to be a part of it – not just as an artist/writer, but as a spokesperson, a talent searcher, a teacher, just anything! I love it all!

    Any ideas on what I can do, or where I can go to get a start?


    • Hi, Tara.
      Sorry for the looong delay before getting back to you. I’m sure Dr Kim will respond soon as I’ve pointed out that you’ve left a comment.

      Mainstream comics can be a bore but if you check out Comic Bits Online ( it only deals with Independent comics, European comics, the Small Press and when news comes in Chinese and Korean comics.

      Best of luck in Korea and, please, if you come across anything there you think is great -or a new artist- PLEASE let us know.


    • Dear Tara,

      Thanks for your interest in Korean comics.
      Based on the info you provided in the thread, you seem to be an EFL teacher.
      If you’re interested in involving in Manhwa industry, there maybe jobs suitable for someone like you.
      If you want to send me your CV in private message, I’ll take a look at to see whether I can guide you further.

      Wish you all the best in Korea,

      J Kim

  3. Hi, Tara.
    Do you have an online portfolio?

    Sorry you’ve had to wait so long for a response but I’ve told Dr Kim you’ve left a message so I hope she responds soon.

    Best of luck in Korea.

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