Dr. Jeeyeon Kim

Managing Director Seoul Graphics Literary Management

September 2004Present

“Jeeyeon Kim has managed to do wonders in her position as Managing
Director at Seoul graphics. With the herculean task of selling Korean graphic novels to an English speaking western audience, Kim has done fantastic work. She has successfully reached out to fans, comic book journalists, and industry insiders.
With her business acumen and her sheer determination, she is now in the position of organizing international annual events such as Manhwa/Comica 09 – which are sponsored by BCIC, Korea’s biggest Comics Information Centre and Museum.”

Nicholas Yanes, Web Journalist, Scifipulse.net

About Seoul Graphics

We,at Seoul Graphics,are a literary agent, importing only quality graphic novels from Korea to England (or English speaking countries).   Seoul Graphics specialises only in quality Korean Manhwa.

Our service comprises every aspect of publishing from researching the industry and scouting for quality Manhwa,obtaining the licensing agreement from the authors,editing and translating the work into English.

We also deal with publishing licensing contracts with British companies.  In doing this, we support both the author and the publisher all the way through the publication procedure.

In other words, we provide a full-service for the Manhwa authors in Korea and approach them personally as our philosophy is to limit our number of clients so that we can dedicate our assets fully to a selected few.

We also make efforts to become a mediator going between the author and the publisher and speak for both parties in terms of concerns and interests. We have three agents (and support staff) whose talents blend to cover every aspect of the business, with special expertise in marketing and promotion and global licensing.












Terry Hooper

Familiar to most international comic fans not just for his comics but as the man behind the hugely successful Comic Bits Online blog.

Terry has thirty plus years experience, not just as a comic fan, but comic book artist, writer, editor and publisher and for over 20 years has been trying to promote Manhua and Manhwa in the UK.    He helps to maintain the Seoul Graphics blog.


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